Mianyang high-tech zone SAN Yang plastic co., LTD is located in the city of science and technology of China——Mianyang national hi-tech development zone,Was established1990Years。After 20 years of development,Has become to“Raised primarily、A variety of business”Set research and development、Production、Sales for the integration of high-tech companies。Total assets reached now3One hundred million yuan,Covers an area of300Mu,Employees400Many people,Output value of more than3One hundred million yuan。
Congratulations to our company through againISO9000International [10-26]
Congratulations to our company through the national high and new technology enterprise to recognize again [10-26]
Congratulations to my company passed provincial technology center in sichuan province [10-26]
Our company is one of the leading products“POXEnvironmentally friendly refrigerant heat preservation [10-26]
My company“Can be recycledPDPBack cover shielding materials development [10-26]
Branch to form a complete new materials [10-13]
Compound plastic electromagnetic shielding material
Company research and development with independent intellectual property rights of patented products—Compound plastic electromagnetic shielding material,Selects the filled polymers and proportional ratio of accessories,By the...
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HighlightsABSPlastic modified materials
HighlightsABSBased on plastic modified materialsABSAndPMMATwo kinds of resin according to certain proportion,Help with accessories,Processing pillars of granular materials,It retains...
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POXEnvironmentally friendly refrigerant thermal insulation pipe
  Company research and development with independent intellectual property rights“POXEnvironmentally friendly refrigerant thermal insulation pipe(Plate)Material”Materials,Fill the household electrical appliances、Air-conditioning refrigeration pipeline engineering,To build...
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