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Shenzhen messiah aerosol co., LTD., founded in1984Years,Belonging to the ordnance industry group co., LTD in China,State-owned holding enterprises,Is China's first production of aerosol products。Since the company since its establishment,Relying on the powerful military science and technology strength and advanced equipment,Costly to set up a professional、Modern aerosol factory,Make out excellent aerosol manufacturing and r&d experts………

Messiah——Specially designed for you to solve product surface repair color difference problemThe perfect of effect you want

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Car inner decoration repair solution

【The problem】Car inner decoration has scratches and the color difference
【The solution】Use the peacock blue plastic repair paint scratches and the color difference for spraying

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  • Car inner decoration repair solution
  • Car inner decoration repair solution
Car inner decoration repair solution

Military quality/Leading technology/Shenzhen messiah35Expert in aerosol product customization

Excellent quality zero rate of returnThe company has achieved《Safety production license》,《The national industrial production license》,《The hygiene licence》。In strict accordance with theISO9001-2015 And hazardous substances control standardsQC080000:2005Management system,To strictly control the production process,All custom products comply with the European UnionREACH,RoSHStandard。Strictly control the heavy metal content product,To ensure that every single product is safe and environmental protection,According to the requirement to build the most superior quality for you。
Excellent quality zero rate of returnIsaiah company has more than 30 years of aerosol development experience,Fill the blank of domestic automatic spray paint,Insecticidal aerosol science and technology progress prize of shenzhen city,Successively developed hundreds of lead in the domestic counterparts of aerosol products。To assemble a batch of aerosol senior professional talents with rich experience,Participate in many national and industry standards aerosol products,Talent advantage lay the messiah company in aerosol technology leading position。
Annual output of super efficient production1Million cansAnd the company has four advanced automatic production line for aerosol,A meetGMPThe standard personal care aerosol production workshop,Has the advanced reverse osmosis deionized water device,Perfect dispensing equipment system,Production capacity1Million cans/Years。With research and development center、Testing center,Equipped with advanced r&d equipment and testing instruments。The company relies on advanced production technology,According to theISO9001Quality system organize production,Excellent product quality ahead of the domestic counterparts。
The famous brand500Strong military enterpriseThe company after years of development,Learn the techniques of Japan's advanced management experience and aerosol,For the domestic and foreign customers with the development of all kinds of aerosol products、Filling processing business。Blue peacock brand with long history、Excellent quality is famous in domestic。With3M、Walmart、Schick、China north group famous companies at home and abroad, such as long-term cooperation。


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